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Were can i find cheap used drills? Answered

I need about 10 old drills to rip apart for their motors and gearboxes. Garage sales are a no go as i have not seen any drills for the last 5 years and i can't buy new.  So do you guys know where i could find some


Jack A Lopez

Best Answer 4 years ago

I occasionally find used cordless drills at thrift stores.


Typically the drill's battery is dead or missing completely, and I this condition this makes the drill almost worthless in the eyes of most ordinary people. So usually the prices are not high. For example, I would think about 10 USD would be sort of an upper limit on price, for a used cordless drill with no battery, at the time of this writing.

By the way, the part of the World where I do most of my thrift store shopping is in a small town on the edge of nowhere, in the Former United States. So if you live in Ireland, or Bangladesh, or some other place on Earth, the street price for a used, battery-deficient, drill, might be different where you live.

seandogueJack A Lopez

Answer 4 years ago

+1 thrift stores have been an awesome place to find good buys for me in the past. Sadly most around here apparently have entered into agreement with other companies and sell off all that sort of thing in bulk, which probably later on filters back through Ebay.. When greedy business folk get clued into anything, they usually figure out how to compartmentalize the system so that only they profit from it. It's been a few years since I saw anything in the way of tools I'd be inclined to buy at a thrift shop.


4 years ago

Good luck. I would dumpster dive behind carpenter shops.


Answer 4 years ago


(long time adherent to the garbage pickin paradigm! I even dug out a tiny bit of platinum from one dive many many moons ago. ...some sort of overplated electrode for vapor deposition, I believe )


Answer 4 years ago

Ahaaa .... That's where we met ;-)