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Western Hemlock Project Boards? Answered

I’m looking for some Western Hemlock project boards, but can’t find any stores in the area that have it or will order for me. Also striking out with online stores. Any suggestions on where to find this? It’s the state tree of WA, and I want to use it for a project related to my home state. Now we live in TX and I can’t find it anywhere.


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

How far are you from Austin?

I don't actually need to know, but the reason I ask is because I just asked DuckDuckGo to show me, "rare wood lumber western hemlock"


and I noticed one of the results had the words, "Austin, Texas" in its preamble. Specifically this one:


The text of that page strongly suggests they have both, Eastern and Western Hemlock, or what they call, Eastern and Western Hemlock.

Realize there are two types of Hemlock, Eastern Hemlock and Western
Hemlock. They are both very similar but the Western Hemlock is stronger
and typically has a straighter grain and no resin.

No pictures. No prices. Just a contact form. Their "about" page,


has actual contact info, like phone number, email address, etc.

By the way, please do not consider my words to be an endorsement, because I totally do NOT know this company. I just found them in a search, just now. There might be equally good, or better, results I overlooked, in that search I linked first above.

I also looked at the Wikipedia page for, "Tsuga heterophylla",


The little map of its natural range, I suppose shows us where these trees grow naturally, and this is consistent with your description. Easy to find in Washington state, but not so much for places much more south and east.

Actually, I did not even know there were trees called, "Hemlock." At first I thought you were asking about the poisonous weed with the same name, famous for poisoning Socrates.