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Wfere can I find a perfect AVR robot controller for me? Answered

Hey friends,
I need a good robot controller board or it's design. After a lot of experiments with many boards, I feel that these are the things essential for robot controller.
It should have : Atmega 32, at least 1 H-Bridge with intenally connected vcc, 1 LCD cnnector with direct connections, 1 serial link, at least 3 sensor connectors connected to three specific pins, pin out headers for all the other remaining pins..

I was trying to design this perfect board for me, but since I am novice in PCB desgin, I got a lot of problems. :/

I am asking this question here, because if any of the instructables patrons has already designed it, it can save my time!



8 years ago

Look into a Stamp at parallax they have a  group of 24 pin devices and
H-bridge motor drives easy to use and you can go on to the easy and fun
programming effort.