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What I could do to my soil to reduce oxalate content in my garden vegetables? Answered

Tomatoes and beans are high oxalate foods and a problem for some people on a low oxalate diet-(me, lol) Unfortunately, they are my favorite veggies to eat and grow. Certain growing conditions cause variances in the oxalate content, but what those are, I don't know.


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11 years ago

Unfortunately, no. My youngest son has oxalate kidney stones, but the only things he has been told to cut down on are salt and rhubarb. Obviously, your requirements will be different to #2 son's, but the main advice is to drink plenty of water and cut down on sodium intake. You may want to consider consulting your doctor about reducing the calcium in your urine by taking "water" tablets and balancing the associated potassium-losses by taking cystitis medication. You must only do this after medical advice, though, as excessively-unbalancing your body's potassium levels can cause anything from pins-and-needles to permanent nerve damage.