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What Is The Correct Inductance and Current Of Sendust Power Core Magnetic Coil for 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter? Answered

Hi All,

Building 1500W pure sine wave inverter using china technology but do not have know-how on the output coil value. I am using EGS002 for output stage.

Refrerence: EG8010 SPWM.pdf page 11 figure 8.1a - L is 3.3mH for 300W and EGP1000W.pdf page 7 - I is 6.5A for 1000W.

Question 1: The L = 3.3mH is it OK for 1500W pure sine wave inverter? Else simply applied any of this 2.3mH, or 1.6mH or 850uH and etc (found on ebay).

Question 2: The peak current (I) = 1.414 * W / Vac = 1.414 * 1500W / 220Vac = 9.64A (10A) calculate with reference to EGP1000W pdf manual.

Question 3:  In order to built 1500W pure sine wave inverter, can I use sendust 10A 3.3mH?

Please advice.

Thanks in advance.



4 years ago

Here is the pdf reference.