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What Nerf bullets go the farthest? Answered

What Nerf bullets go the farthest, hurt the most and are still cheap other than stefens?
I'm open to any idea's.


the mechanical engineer

Best Answer 8 years ago

if using stock blasters, then stock darts will go the farthest, however if your blasters are modified, even just removing the air restrictors, then try getting streamlined darts and putting a few metal bb's in the top to add more weight.

lil larry

8 years ago

Well, if you cut out peices of plastic that are exact same diameter of the darts. Then rip the heads (rubber tips) off and then hot glue it on. If you use this in a 80 ft. blaster, it will hurt.


8 years ago

Add pennies. The added mass will make them slower, but should help them overcome air resistance.

Other than that, make them more aerodynamic.