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What RSS Feeds Are You Subscribed To? Answered

What RSS Feeds Are You Subscribed To? Also, what do you use to read them (your RSS reader)? Maybe make them links to the site with the feed too. I have about double the amount of these feeds but I'm only subscribed currently to these ones.

My Subscribed RSS Feeds:
[AlbinoBlacksheep AlbinoBlacksheep.com] - Flash animation/games site
[DarkMotion.com Darkmotion] - Instructables user Darkmotion's blog. Sometimes I look at people Instructables pages and If I see they have a website, I usually visit it.
[explosm.net Explosm] Daily webcomic and other stuff.
[HomestarRunner.com HomestarRunner.com]
Instructables - All published instructables.
Instructables: News - The instructables blog
Instructables: Comments - My comments backtalk feed.
Instructables: Inbox - My private message inbox
[labwithleo.com Lab with Leo Blogs] - Mass feed of everybody's blogs on the TV show "The Lab with Leo Laporte" on G4TechTV.
[maxiumpc.com Maximum PC] - Mass feed of everything on MaximumPC.com, official site of the magazine.
[smashbros.com Smash Bros. DOJO!! Latest News] - Mass feed of the official site for the upcoming Wii game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
[weebls-stuff.com Weebl's Stuff] - Funny flash animation/game site.


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13 years ago

I use Google Homepage and I have so many feeds. On the main tab alone I have Digg, GMAIL Inbox (i linked all my accounts ;) ), doggdot.us, instructables, slashdot, dictionary.com word of the day, wikihow How To of the day, hackaday, quote of the day, Tricks of the Trade, steve bass and george ou's columns, world news, and lifehacker. I'm a big geek I guess. I do manage to go outside sometimes... I've also got a tab for news, sports (mostly yankees), financial stuff, and my personal favorite: deals! It has the top deals from slickdeals, dealspl.us, newegg.com daily deals, buy.com deals, techbargains, and dealcatcher.com. If anyone has any more, let me know. It comes in handy a lot, esp. for friends who ask for recommendations on, say, cheap hard drives, media, mp3 players etc. I just added a tab with games, which includes hangman, multiplication tables , and riddles. Again, I'm a huge nerd.


13 years ago

I'm subscribed to a number of podcasts (netcasts?) which qualify as RSS feeds including everything with Leo Laporte (Daily GizWiz is my favorite.). I also subscribe to Mac OS Ken and The Typical Mac User. As to text only RSS feeds, I subscribe to dozens of news feeds... Too numerous to list. I use iTunes for podcast RSS feeds and Safari for text only feeds.