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What Valuable/ skills/hobbies can I learn over spring break? Answered

My Spring break started today, and instead of simply enjoying my time off I thought I could take advantage of my extra time and learn a new skill or take up a new hobby. As a teen what valuable skills can I learn(or begin) in a week? are there any things I can learn online? for free?  



6 years ago

Outside of coding-related stuff, I'd say that very few *skills* can be learned purely online. There are lots of useful instructables and how-to videos, but you need to actually *do* to learn the skills they show.

Any skill is useful, in some context; squirting milk out of your eyes can earn you a few dollars as a youtube freak.

So, rather than asking us what skills you should learn, ask yourself what skills you want to learn - soldering, sewing, welding, origami, boomerang carving, baking, mongolian nose warbling - and find some way of learning it.