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What about a Mobile version of Instructables? Answered

Hey guys,

What do you think of a Mobile Version of Instructables for your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or what ever else !  Lots of popular websites have started do make the mobile version of their website so that almost all of the website features would be available for mobile users. Like Youtube, Facebook or eBay. It would be great because important features cannot be used on the iPod;

- We can't comment on 'ibles or post questions and write on forums
- We can't see the annotations in the pictures
- We can only see 2nd or 3rd pictures in an 'ible by loading all the page again and get down to the correct step
- A mobile version would be lighter and faster to load on mobile devices
- We can't see slideshows
- We can't use full size pictures
- Some others..

So that is why I think there should be a mobile version of Instructables !

Tell me what you think of this idea !



7 years ago

I always thought we needed a mobile version. Maybe even be able to use the pictures in your camera roll to make 'ibles.


7 years ago

Though I must say that I have none of the said problems with BlackBerry OS 6, and can browse the page just like I can on the PC including annotations on pictures, I definitely would like a mobile version simply because of the loading times. Good idea.


8 years ago

Ure right I'm using a iPod to right this now so I can't start forum topics view some videos, slide shows, and worst of all oh no can't post ibles


9 years ago

.  All of those things you ask for look like bugs in your devices to me. Shouldn't you be contacting Apple about fixing their stuff instead of asking Robot to support faulty devices?


Reply 9 years ago

I only suggest to make a mobile version of Instructables like popular websites does. Its way nicer to navigate on a mobile version website on a mobile device !
The things I have listed are things that are useful but aint working on full version website. Mobile version sometimes make these things to work good. And I dont think apple are taking suggestions :P they are 100% locked !