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What adhesive to use for gluing zip lock bag material to fabric? Answered

I have a project in mind which I want to line with a food safe material. After some consideration It boiled down to just using pieces cut from a zip lock bag and cotton material.
I'm going to hem the 2 materials together but don't want the zip lock material slouching and separating from the cotton material in the middle. If I used a spray adhesive for fabric to adhere the zip lock material flat to the cotton will the adhesive show through the zip lock liner? I want it to look clear so cotton material shows through the plastic like laminated cotton but don't want to use that material.
Any ideas or product suggestions? Thanks.



5 years ago

I think your going to have to experiment to find something that really works the way you want. In my experience there is not much that sticks to the bags since that is the way they are designed. Rubber contact cement might work. Double stick tape might also but that will not survive any kind of washing. And there is a vinyl liquid repair glue but once again I am not sure it will stick. The need to be flexiable is going to be one of the biggest problems. Some glues will stick but as soon as the material bends it just breaks off. That is why rubber contact cement might be a good option.


Answer 5 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions. I may try the rubber cement. If that doesn't pan out I'll just sew the 2 materials together and not worry so much about the slouching.