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What am I doing wrong!? Answered

I'm making a firestarter/taser using a capacitor and a camera charging circut and I have no idea what i'm doing wrong. It just doesn't work.
So I'm posting pictures here hoping someone can help me.

(FYI the bits of electrical tape are just covering places where I accidentaly stripped the insulation or where I connected two wires.)


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9 years ago

Sorry, sloppy wring old man.

Triple check your wiring.
Could you have shorted your battery in the efforts.
I wonder if the circuit board has a cracked trace.
Working on the floor got to be hurting the back..... But its a table pattern
Ive used those neat red switches that fail after two or more d-solder episodes.
Can't see the polarity of the capacitor.
Did it flash before you took it apart.
Those little glass tubes like to crack at the wire ends.