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What amp to use??? Answered

I recently made an amplifier based on a TDA2004 chip i salvaged from a car radio but i wanted to get more power and so i planned on making a 20w or more version. Problem is, i don't know what chip to use. Can you guys help me?
20w or more (just give me the max wattage the chip can carry)
non-SMD chip, preferably on those chips that are on a multiwatt-like package
min voltage lower than 6v (around 5v or less) and higher than 6v (obviously)
load the chip can carry must be 4-8 ohms

About the wattage, just give me the max wattage. I've been running the tda2004 for  some time now on 6v only and it's pretty loud, just not loud enough on open areas (rave party, anyone?)
Anyways, just tell me the power amps you know of that'll satisfy the criteria or at least close to it. I need answers in 4 days or so, so please tell me ASAP. Thanks in advance!


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9 years ago

nvm i made the same circuit from the tda2004