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What are ratings on instructables and how are they determined? Answered




8 years ago

Ratings are the one to five stars that appear in the info box (on the right of your instructables page) and after the title of the instructable in a listing.
Ratings are assigned by the community. Any member of instructables can rate your work, anyone except the one that wrote it. The ratings are averaged using some kind of math that helps prevent skewing the results. For instance, if I rate this question a 5 it turns up as a 4.09. If someone else also rates it as a 5 then the number goes up. If enough readers give it a 5 then it actually becomes a five. The same is true of a 1. So its totally a popularity thing.
In some of the contests sometimes desperate authors will go through and rate everybodys instructable a one in an attempt to make their rating higher. That doesn't really accomplish anything and defeats the whole purpose which is to give readers an idea of what everybody thinks of the work.