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What are some good long distance friend pranks? Answered

So my friends got me with a prank, so now I need to prank them back. Two of my friends, I either don't have access to their house, or I am not able to see very often. One friend, I created an ad to have people call him with their best Chewbacca impressions. But I am stumped on what to do for my other long distanced friend.



10 months ago

Some knowledge about your friends might help. Just so the prank is tailor made, not just off-the -shelf.


11 months ago

2 years ago I did the following prank for the 1st of April:
-I have set my phone number to private;
-I have called my mom and created a conference call;
-Then I have immediately added my dad to the conference;
-Then my sister;
-Then my grandmother;
Of course, I did not talk and I waited for them to guess what was happening. And that was hilarious!

First, no one knew who called and why. And they started saying things like "who are you? And why did you call?", "no you called", "no I am sure, you called";
Then they started recognizing each other. My mom recognized my sister thinking she was trying to prank her.
Then my dad and my grandmother talked, so everyone was very confused to ear that they were more than 2 people on the phone.
Then they all recognized each other and laughed a lot, thinking it was a kind of "technology bug".

Anyway, I really had a lot of fun that day.


11 months ago

1. Find an image on Google of the most adorable puppy you can find, and make an ad on a craigslist type site that you're selling it, but put his/her phone number!

2. Enjoy having people call him/her every 10 minutes wanting to buy a puppy he doesn't own! If he/she is good with technology make sure it can't be traced back.

3. Report back with the results :)


11 months ago

Have a lot of people call him....
"Hello James! I just wanted to let you know we might be a little late due to traffic." Hang up..
"Hi James, we are almost there, should we bring anything from the shops or so?" Hang up before he can fully answer...
"Hey James, I am about to load the tables and the bbq, sure you don't need the chairs too?"...
Continue with calls for John in regards to a big party or similar for a day or two if you dare.
Once you notice your friend is getting a bit, well lets say angry, you have some nice, old lady call him:
"OH, hello, this is Johns gandma, how are you? I was just wondering if anyone left some messages for John?
I have now all the people here and nothing is prepared because you never called us...."