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What are some techniques to get low notes out of a bari sax? Answered

Basically, low D and below don't come out easily and often don't come out at all.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could be doing wrong?



8 years ago

as I recall from my days as a "trained" trombone player and as a self-taught hack on the tenor sax, it's all about the lower lip.

Without hauling the sax out of its cubby hole and fiddling for a while to get the hang again, I'm working from memory, but if I remember right, you pull the top of the lower lip in a teeny bit and allow a small pocket to form in front of the lower incisors between the teeth and lower lip (like if you stick your tongue down in front of your incisors until it meets skin...the pocket forms there...Not really a pocket either, just a sort of looseness between the two, as though a pocket *will form...It's hard to describe...Once you have it you have it... the air seems to flow under the tongue and slightly puff the lower lip....does this make *any sense to you?


Answer 8 years ago

Huh. That does make sense. I'll definitely be sure to try that.

It'll be a few days before I can, though; all I have is my alto.