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What are some things I can make from an old xbox? Answered

I took my old xbox apart a few days ago and was wondering if there was anything I could do with it. And please don't hassle me about using the search bar. I did and couldn't find anything.




10 years ago

Softmod it. you can do it for free using a "hotswap" method. Then you can install XBMC, an amazing dashboard, thats still in development. Then add emulators for classic consoles, scripts to watch online media, and stream videos to it, amongst other things i'll probably have forgotten.


10 years ago

You could turn it into a DVR using something like GeeXboX. Otherwise you could make a laser what-not out of the DVD drive, use the heatsinks for various projects, put the hard drive in your computer for more storage or turn it into a rotary input device (See HDDJ). You might be able to rip Xbox games to your computer using the DVD drive, since normal DVD drives can't read Xbox games. Not entirely sure how their copy protection works, I've never tried it. If all else fails you could take the heatsink off of the processor and watch it fry :).


Answer 10 years ago

and after all that, use the old casing for a friggin' sweet project enclosure.