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What are some tips/pointers/well-thought-out-advice for making a band and keeping it together? Answered

My friend and I are trying to make a band so we can play at our schools variety show. (read: talent show). By the way, any suggestions for songs to play? Thanks



Best Answer 10 years ago

Getting a band together isn't hard. Post up a sign on the bulletin board or put an ad in your school newspaper. Ask for the types of musicians you need. I.e. If you and your friend can do vocals and guitar, you probably want a drummer and a bassist. If you're in High School, I'll bet there are a dozen or more kids who can play reasonably well in your own school. Try to make time to interview and jam with the folks who respond to the ad. Keeping a band together is tougher, and it really boils down to whether or not the group can be good friends and coworkers to each other. There's no magic formula here. It's mostly luck, but try to team up with people who you enjoy hanging out with. There's nothing worse than being stuck in a bus, touring with a bunch of guys you hate... trust me. As for music. Play what you like. If you're just starting out, pick a dozen or so popular tunes that the whole group enjoys and learn them. It's common sense, but you and your friends will be much more motivated if you actually play a song you like. Talk about it over pizza with the band. Everyone will probably suggest a couple songs off the top of their head. Best of luck.


Answer 10 years ago

Another note on songs, As Barband points out, discuss it...if you can't all agree on a song list, you may have a recipe for failure and might need to revisit the band lineup question.


10 years ago

The most important things I can suggest is that when forming the band, make sure you are all committed, available, have similar abilities, and avoid competitive personalities... Songs? well, that's a tricky question... I'm a writer and generally don't do covers. Oh, that's another issue...cover band or originals?...can be a source of conflict between bandmates...