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What are sound cards? Answered



5 years ago

Another form of sound card ----- You take regular playing cards and attach them to the wheel support of your bike so they reach into the spokes. We used to use clothes pins to hold them, wrap the end of the card around and clip it. Then as you ride the cards slap against the spokes and it makes a sound almost like it is motorized. You can usually get at least one on each side.

Don't use good cards, they get destroyed by doing this.


5 years ago

A sound card is a computer component that handles the processing of a sound signal that can be sent to speakers/headphones to generate sound. When you play a multimedia file (like MP3 or a DVD) The audio data is sent to the soundcard and transformed into the actuall signal that can be turned into sound.

Most sound systems are integrated within ones computer(aka On-board
sound), but they are often not the best so many that desire higher
quality audio (like gamers) opt for plugging in a high-quality Sound
card within their computer.

It is called a sound card because they look like a large circuit-board that is plugged into a card-like slot on a computer's motherboard (which is a very big circuit-board to which every component is connected to)


5 years ago

Presuming your referring to computers. The sound card is an addon card for your PC that gives you audio options. All computers now days have sound cards built into the main boards but when they go bad you can buy a pci/pci-e sound card to replace the bad sound on the motherboard.