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What are the basic things I need to learn or read about before I can get into electronic and/or comp. controler systems? Answered

For servo motors , feedback, closed/open looped systems etc.


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12 years ago

If you want to do this as a job then being good at maths really helps. If you just want to do this as a hobby then you should be able to get by without the maths by looking at other peoples work. You should read up on Control Theory, PID, PWM, H-Bridge, Embedded Programming in C, microcontrollers, power supplies, ohms law and general electronics. Make sure you know about voltage, current, power, power dissipation, transistors, capacitors, resistors, inductors, DC theory and AC theory. Try not to be put off with the huge list! It seems complex at the start but becomes surprisingly simple. Either way, the best way to learn is to set yourself an "interesting" project to achieve, starting very simple. Most systems have the same few 'blocks' such as Power Supply, Control Block, Inputs and Output Stage so you can learn about each stage separatedly and then link it all together. For example, a simple servo system might comprise of: 1. Power supply for motor: 24V 2. Power supply for control system: 3.3V 3. Control block - microcontroller - outputs via PWM to the H-Bridge 4. 2 Digital inputs from the motor encoder - pulses when the shaft turns so the controller can determine how far the shaft has rotated. 5. DC motor with encoder 6. Output H-Bridge 7. Control algorithm 8. Positional input via RS232 from PC I noticed a guy on here started with a self balancing single wheeled skateboard!