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What are the components in a honda prelude exaust system Answered

I'm modifying my '93 Honda Prelude & I want to replace my catalitic converter with a 'hot dog' & I want to know what the indervidual components are in the exhaust system, so I don't stuff everything up. Any help is appreciated.



9 years ago

Many aftermarket components work well together. With exhaust, your goal is to free up the flow of exhaust while maintaining the velocity of the exhaust gasses for the scavenging effect.  What this means is you need to smooth out and free-up the flow but you cannot just go to a 5" pipe because you still need some backpressure for things to work right.

Your 93 Prelude came with 3 different engines ranging from 2.2 to 2.3 liters.  Therefore, you will want to stick to an exhaust thats between 2.25" and 3" in diameter unless you heavily modify the engine by putting on a turbo kit or something.

So while your under your car, you should look beyond just your cat and also upgrade to an aftermarket exhaust system and possibly a good header.  This will make sure you maintain enough backpressure but freeing up enough power to make it worth your while.


10 years ago

You can't totally remove the catalytic converter if you want your car to remain street legal - it reduces a lot of the noxious fumes from high temperature combustion. Modders want to remove them because they restrict exhaust flow. Taking it off up's your horsepower, but that is a double whammy for emissions - you burn more fuel, and remove less waste from the exhaust. Your original question: There is an exhaust manifold on the engine, it links all the cylinders to the catalytic, which then links to a resonator - an almost straight thru muffler that removes a lot of the engine noise, then after some more piping you get to the main muffler(s), and then the tailpipe(s).