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What are the dimensions of pallet wood? Answered

Yes, I've searched. Also, I don't mean what are the dimensions of the pallets in general, I mean the wooden planks they're made of.

PS: I realize it may vary. Estimates are OK. I'm mainly worried about thickness.

Thanks for any help.



Best Answer 8 years ago

In the U.S. most of them are made with 1" x 6" or 8" rough lumber for the pallet surfaces. The inner framing lumber is usually 2" by 4" or 6" rough lumber


8 years ago

I would say the most common sizes you will find on an average pallet are 2"x4"s and 1"x4"s . Of course it is possible to find lots of different sizes but those would be the most common. The next ones you would likely find are 4"x4"s and 1"x6"s . Also if it matters, if you are digging through pallets and find there are ones that look the same but feel a lot heavier, they very well could be oak pallets