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What are the steps to ride a plane? Answered

Will be my first time to ride a plane. Never been to an international airport. Wanted to know the step by step on how to do so from booking online. Thanks. :)

- Babi



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5 years ago

1. Go to your selected airline web site and you should follow their instructions to book your flight - You will need your passport details - NOTE you may need a visa for some destinations - Check with their embassy on line.

2 You may need to print out your flight details from the web site

3. Turn up at the airport at least 2 hours - 3 is better before your flight with your flight documents and your passport and luggage - pay attention to the weight limits posted on their web site. Attend the relevant departure (check in) desk for your flight - any problems ASK a member of staff they are used to inexperienced members of the public. Be polite and smile - the staff work hard and respond well to someone who id nice. (and badly to someone who is a ill tempered problem to them)

4. You should/may have cabin baggage, if you have valuable articles, medication (and i always pack a set of underwear, spare shirt and socks in my hand luggage), Put them in your hand luggage NOT your checked case (they just might go missing). They will give you your boarding passes saying which seat you are allocated.

5. Go thorough security, personally I go through as soon as I am checked in. you will need ALL liquids to be LESS than 100ml, in clear plastic containers and in a clear plastic bag (they will give you a bog if you need one.) Read the advice on the airline web site carefully. You may/will be asked to remove belts, shoes and ALL metallic objects and put them in a tray to be scanned. You will go though a metal detector and perhaps xray machine. Pay attention to what the staff say and want from you. Be polite.

6 Once through security find a seat and make yourself comfortable, DONT leave hand luggage on its own - ever - Watch the screens for your flight - they will announce the gate the aircraft will leave from perhaps 30 mins before it is due to go - so as soon as it come sup GO TO THE GATE. It pays to have had a look around to spot where the gates are so you know which direction to go in.

7. At the gate you will need passport and boarding card again. then wait for the announcement to board - usually by seat numbers. Follow the others. Find your seat, the numbers are above the seats on the overhead lockers, park your hand luggage and sit down.

8. As a frequent flyer I suggest you read the emergency leaflet in the seat pocket in front of you carefully, then hope you never need it again.

9 Enjoy your flight. Be polite and smile at the cabin crew they will respond much better if your seen as a nice pleasant passenger.

10. At your destination - you will disembark from the aircraft - DON'T forget to take everything including your hand baggage. follow the others to the passport control and then to the baggage reclaim area where your cases will appear on a conveyor eventually. enjoy your stay.