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What are these strange structures ? Answered

A newspaper  article showed these images from Google Maps today.

This one, in China, interested me.

Does anybody know what these shapes are ?

The tagline was this:

" These rectangles, up to a mile long, can be seen from space near the Gansu province and Xinjiang, some less than 100 miles from Jiuquan, the headquarters of China's space programme "

Thank you




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Best Answer 9 years ago

      People have been wondering about these for the past couple years, especially with Google maps helping the layman do some spying. The most accepted belief is that they are being used for military testing, which is lent credence by China's history of testing in their western deserts (as does the US!). There are a bunch more of these (check out Gizmodo) scattered throughout the desert. My guess would be for Arial targeting specifically, but some people believe that the image attached is a mock up of Washington, DC. They are worried that it's some training grounds for an invasion of some sort. That said, I live in DC, and can assure you that the map looks nothing like that, if it is a mock up, it is a very poor one.

     Though these haven't gone unnoticed either. Some anonymous entity has been spying on them since 2004, so they must be important for something.

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