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What blades should I get for my Makita 2012 NB planer? Answered

I have been looking on line for replacement blades for my Makita planer 2012nb but all the ones online have not looked anything like the blades I have on the machine.  Does anyone know what blades I can use?  is the power tek ones in this link actually compatible? http://www.amazon.com/POWERTEC-128320DD-12-Inch-Planer-Knives/dp/B00DERB8HU/ref=pd_sim_hi_6


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7 years ago

get the ones that fit it first of all.

After then in general cheap blades will not last as long as more expensive items - there is a reason they are cheap.

A lot depends on the type and amount of use the planer will get.

PS You could sharpen what you already have and reuse them.