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What can I add to my computer? DIY hardware? Answered

I have a computer with enough power. I just want awesome DIY accessories. I have knowledge in speakers, wiring, woodworking and basic lighting. I want something that looks very nice but is also functional. I want it to be black with blue lights if it had lights. I saw an example on Instructables of a multi-touch table. I want to build something like that, but with sounds and lights.
I'm not doing anything to the actual computer. I mean extra accessories, like speakers and lights.


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Best Answer 7 years ago

The best way to DIY your PC is to do a case mod. No better place to put lights, nice paint job, extra fans, and custom audio. With an arduino you can have a custom light show and sounds play every time you turn on the PC. You could even add servos that open and close air ports on the PC when you turn it off and on. Or just when you want to adjust airflow.