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What can I connect to a cylindrical CD case to make it spin? Answered

I need to make something that will feed my cats for one meal. I want to use one of those cylindrical CD cases that hold 50 or so CDs with a hole in the side to dispense kibble. I'll just be connecting the motor to a normal light timer. The only thing I don't know is how strong of a motor I would need to turn it with about 1/2 cup of cat food while it's on its side. I don't think a dinky clock motor would do it, any ideas where to scavenge something stronger? No, I don't really want to make the VCR feeder, too complex for what I need.



10 years ago

It's not going to take much to turn the feeder if you have it mounted well and it doesn't drag. Any small gear motor that will move it a couple of rpm will work great. I would put limit switches so that it will turn 1/4 of a revolution and stop. Or maybe you need it to turn 1/2 rev. to work your feeder. One of those cheap power screw drivers (not the drills) would be easy to hack to start and stop easily. You could run it off a wall wart power supply and then you could use the appliance timer. The drill would even be easy to connect to the axle. Good luck.