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What can I do, and/or what parts can I salvage and use with these two CRTs and one LCD that I've got? Answered

I've got two CRTs for parts, as well as a 20" LCD tv, whose screen is toast. What can I do with them/their parts? I've thought of a guitar amp project with the lcd (speakers/amp of the tv) but that seems like a waste, if there's more great stuff that I can use them for. I know CRTs have tons of stuff to salvage...just not sure how to rip it all out (both CRTs have been unplugged for >month, so their capacitors should be safe, right?) There are a million ibles I want to work on, so I thought I'd see what I could do with what I've got....I don't have enough lights or fans...just these monitors and tv for now. So, what would you do if you were me? Ok, thanks!?



10 years ago

I once found a socketed MCS 51 controller with support components with 64K flash inside a dead LCD monitor.


Answer 10 years ago

That's awesome! I've set the things aside for the past month or so (we're having another baby, so priorities have shifted), but now I'm going fishing inside that thing....Hearing this is a big boost to the motivation! Any tips on how to match up what I find to what it actually is, if it's not labled, etc? Thanks again!


10 years ago

There won't be that much in the LCD TV. Maybe a power supply, a florescent lamp, speakers and if you're lucky, an IC or two you can salvage. However, most of it will probably be surface mount components with heavily integrated ICs you can't reuse.

The CRTs are a different story. There will be some big transformers in there if you want to do anything with high voltage. There will also be a number of large capacitors. However, the same is true for the chips as with the LCD. Not much you can salvage.

It is possible to make a kickass fishtank from a CRT, though slightly dangerous. Check this out.


Answer 10 years ago

That's awesome. That's actually the first thing I found after I posted the question. My Daughter would love that!

I've got an old console TV that I'm thinking of making the tank with (b/c I ripped out the innards a while back, so it's basically just a box at this point)

I would like to have a use for high voltage....just don't have the time to create things just for sparks and fun. Are there High Voltage applications, such as saving electric costs by boosting the voltage on my end with the flybacks, or anything like that?

In other words, I tend to be motivated by useful devices; I've nothing against demonstrative devices, theory, etc. Nor do I have anything against just making stuff for fun.

With that said however, until I have more time to spend on creative projects, I have this burning need to be able to *use* what I make for something...

Does that make sense? As I read it, it sounds a little like I'm bashing high voltage projects, but I want to be clear that I'm not. I think they're extremely interesting and cool. I just haven't found *my* use for them - any suggestions would be great!

I was afraid of the news on the ICs. I was kind of hoping to be able to lift out all the different ICs, resistors, etc. and use them for various projects I undertake. (For example, this lead-acid battery reviver/equalizer that I've got the schematic for)

I used to have a workshop full of old computers and various other electronics...but gave it all away before I ended up here, with enough spare time to work on things.

I only took one EE course in college, so I'm working on becoming more adept at working with electronics (my only professional experience is working 12v and a little 5v).

Is there a trick to saving money on breadboards, ICs, etc.?

That's probably another question to post....but I'll just leave it here and hit Google for cheap sources...The situation is, we've no extra cash at this point, so I'm working on diy/myo stuff that I don't have to come out of pocket for.

So, I really can't use the PCBs at all either, can I? (b/c they're already printed and wired for that one particular application)

Are there certain appliances/old electronics that I should be grabbing, that *do* have common ICs and whatnot that I could use?

Ok, thanks a ton, and I do think that the fish tank is going to happen...just need to get the plexi and caulk...oh yeah...and fish!