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What can I do to improve my instructable?? Answered

Alright, I made my first instructable, but I'm wondering what I can do to make it better, so it will get better ratings. I know better pictures are in order, and I'm working on it, so please point out anything else! Here is the link : https://www.instructables.com/id/Chain-maille-embroidered-Shirt/

I don't mind criticism, so please point out even the most insignificant details.


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Best Answer 11 years ago

You asked for it...

Intro, first sentence: "In this Instructable, you will learn..."

Intro, paragraph 1, sentence 2: "Although it stopped most weapons from cutting and stabbing, it did not keep the force from affecting the body..."
"It stopped most weapons from cutting and stabbing. It did not, however, keep the force from affecting the body..."

Same paragraph, last sentence: "Chain maille is a very time-consuming thing to make..."

Note: Yes, "chain maille" has many spellings, but stick with just one through the whole Instructable. "Chain maille" is the main way you've spelled it in this.

Step 1, last paragraph, sentence 1: "I stripped the insulation off some electrical wire and used the copper wire inside."

Note: It might be a good idea to estimate what gauge wire you used for it.
Note: Most of your pictures are blurry. Use the macro function (flower button on most modern digital cameras), flash, and a steady hand.
Note: It would be nice to have a pic of the metal rod next to your tools for size reference.

Step 2, paragraph 1, sentence 3: "Make sure it does not have threads on it, though."

Step 2, paragraph 1, sentence 5: "...screwdriver shaft or any other long, round, metal objects..."

Step 2, paragraph 1, sentence 6: "You shouldn't use wooden dowels or pencils because, while coiling your wire, it will...

Step 3, paragraph 3, sentence 1: "(If you can't click on it, copy and paste it into your browser.)"
or add it to the first paragraph: "...here are two links that I used when I was first starting out (If you can't click on it, copy and paste it into your browser):"
But then it makes a frowny face...

Note: I think you ought to extrapolate the instructions in the links you provided to wikihow and chainmail.com into your own words in your Instructable, just to make it more completely yours. But definitely give them credit and keep the links up for clarification.

Step 3, paragraph 5, last sentence: "For some of the more difficult letters, I had to make the different sections separately, then attach them with individual links."

Step 3, final paragraph: "If you have any questions with constructing the chain maille designs, please ask by leaving a comment. This way, other people will be able to learn from your question."

Step 4, first sentence: "To attach your design to the T-shirt, you must first ..."

Step 4, first paragraph, second sentence: "Will the letters go straight across the chest?"

Step 4, paragraph 4: "Once you have figured out the spacing, make sure it is exactly how you want it."

Note: Perhaps you could give a sentence or two extra about the thick piece of cloth and its positioning and purpose?

Step 5, paragraph 2, last sentence -- omit (Your pictures explaining how the thread goes above or beneath the fabric are great. Don't apologize for the way you portrayed it).

Step 6, first sentence (and subsequent): I always imagine hyper kids using too many exclamation marks.

Step 6, paragraph 2, last sentence: "...pouring some lemon juice on a cloth and rubbing at the chain maille..."

Other than those nit-picky semantics, you've put together a very good Instructable which I would definitely use when next I deign necessary to make a chaine-maille shirte!


11 years ago

Wow.... V-man... Thank you very much! That was way more in-depth than I expected! That was VERY helpful. Thank you both (V-man and Zero-GX) for helping me out! I'll make all the changes as soon as I can :)


11 years ago

i would include instructions on how to do the weave, rather than linking. obviously, the pictures. Small detail: but rotate them so that they are the correct way up.