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What can I do to rescue my deleted drive files? Answered

Hey, guys! I need your help to rescue my deleted drive files. From last week, to prepare a job presentation, I had searched and made many related files and photos on my USB external hard drive. However, yesterday, this external hard drive was formatted and all my files seemed to be deleted completely. But, there was no time for me to make these files and stuffs again one by one. Do you have any idea for me to take them all back directly from this hard drive? In fact, from the internet, I know there is data recovery software that can help me out. But, I don’t know whether they can work on my drive and copy my stuffs back successfully. I don’t want to lose anyone of them. Can you help me?


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6 years ago

Here's how you recover deleted or lost files from your system -


6 years ago

Hey, I know there is data recovery software
that can help you scan this drive and find your original files back as many as


Honestly, it was found when my USB flash
drive was formatted for unintentional operations. All my flash drive videos
were gone with this formatting process. So, in order to get these videos back, I
searched this software online and found it really take most of my stuffs back.

You could also take chances.

Good luck!


6 years ago

OK! According to my experiences, you are
supposed to act carefully for rescuing your deleted drive files back:

Firstly, stop adding nothing else on this
original drive in case of farther data loss.

Secondly, plunge it to computer and take
chances with data recovery software.

Thirdly, back up all restored data on a
different drive well.

Read more detailed information here:



6 years ago

Yeah, in your case, without new data
written on the same external hard drive, some drive format recovery software
really works in rescuing your preferred files back.

Therefore, in your case, save nothing new
on this drive and also stop doing anything to it.

And then, plunge it to your PC and download
data recovery software to scan it and see how many of your original drive files
could be found and rescued successfully.

So, simply select a proper data recovery
program quickly over the internet.

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