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What can I do with a magnetron, while still being reasonably safe? Answered

I have recently disassembled a microwave to discover that practically all the internal electronic components are still functional (all except the chassis and bezel - even the lightbulbs were still intact).  That includes the magnetron, transformer, HV capacitor, and high-power diode needed to turn 120VAC into a microwave beam.  So, what sort of interesting, things can one even do with a magnetron, anyway, while being at least reasonably safe. I'm no wimp, but getting widespread internal 2nd degree burns is no picnic either.

Any ideas for things I can do with those parts?


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6 years ago

This should be bumped. I too have come into possession of a [broken] microwave and am interested in what use I can make of the parts, in particular that alluring magnetron.