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What can I do with an old Blackberry camera module? Answered

Hi all,

I just stripped an old blackberry for parts and now have this camera module:


From what I understand, these modules are fairly self contained units and are able to output JPGs or some similar file. The back of the board has 22 terminal spots that the pins in the pone connected to. I am assuming that 2 of these are for power and the other 20 are for data. I am hoping that somebody can direct me to where I can find out more about how this connects so that I can incorporate it into some sort of arduino project.



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7 years ago

I know the comment's a bit old, but I was looking at something similar recently and found this: http://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/217887/STMICROELECTRONICS/VS6724.html