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What can I do with and old laptop which the bga doesnt work? Answered


Well, if you read the title you have an idea about my "problem".

So, my laptop doesnt work anymore and I don't want to fix it because it is to expensive for only work a few times before fn it up again.

Could you guys help me find something to do with my old laptop?

I wanted to do something with gaming or music.

Can I use for playing games without the bga, like using the hardware on something else?

There is 4 GB of ram (ddr3)
1 TB of HD
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 
Blu-ray reader

Please give me some ideas :)


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4 years ago

1. screen to arduino or rapsberry project.

2. hdd to external hdd case.

2.1 or dissassembly and make

2.1.1 watch

2.1.2 hdd speaker

3. CD

3.1 handmade plotter

3.2 other projects

4. motherboard - cut it for parts and make jevelery from it. :) youll sold it and youll have money for 2 laptops

5. keyboard - for tech project



4 years ago

by BGA do you mean the Ball Grid Array? If so, and you don't want to replace the chipset, then the only thing you can do is strip out the parts that still work for use in another device, and use the rest for a doorstop or a paper weight.