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What can I do with silver powder? Answered

I have a bunch of silver powder gleaned from a chemistry class lab (silver nitrate + copper redox). Other than melting it into a solid lump, what can I do with it? 
I am also not interested in using it as colloidal silver (the kind with supposed "health benefits").



Best Answer 8 years ago

If you blend it with an appropriate binder, you can make conductive epoxy (which is generally rather pricey!). It needs a relatively high load of silver to work well, though.


8 years ago

electroplating is easy.

this will depend on how much you have, but i would advise selling it on ebay.

bettere yet, electroplate something and sell it as some kind of rare valuable silver platedcollectors item, a diecast (iron or metal) toy car , preferebly one with little details is ideal

incase you didnt know, to electroplate, you need to dissolve the silver in an acid so ive heard, then place the dissolved silver in a solution, and run and electrical current through solution, making sure that the negative terminal, not positive, is the metal you wish to electroplate, or else it will rust.

after a while all the silver will be silver again, and it will be plated all over your metal.


Answer 8 years ago

It's kind of hard to find acids that would dissolve silver though. Nitric acid would work, but It's very hard to obtain.


Answer 8 years ago

combine your acid with hydrogen peroxide, as the peroxide will oxidize the metal, as soon as any oxidization occures, the acid will then be able to react with it, much easier


8 years ago

Mix it with a binder and use it as silver paint?

Grow silver crystals (see the Intructable)?

Figure out how to electroplate it onto something?