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What can I do with warm (45 degC) air? Answered


I got an Air-Con today - I'm pleased with it.

The exhaust vent shoots air out at 45 degC -
other than blowing bright paper windmills with it,
are there any suggestions what I can do the warm air,
given that it is Summer and I don't particularly want to vent
it into another room - I did think about my greenhouse -
any others ideas?



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10 years ago

Set up your clothes line in its direct path.

Hook it up to a food dehydrator (or plate or towel warmer).

Vent it into a musty closet.

Insulate your floor, and then fill your basement or crawl space with great big rocks. Vent the hot air onto them all summer. In winter, switch over your heating vents so that intake air is pre-heated by the heat reservoir you've created in the rocks.

Open a sun spa for neighborhood cats.

Rig it to heat water for a kiddie (or even a grown-upie :) pool or an outdoor shower.

Egg incubator/chick hatchery.

Heated enclosure for exotic pet. (Iguanas are great at scaring off burglars, you know. Snakes and tarantulas also have a strong deterrent effect. :)