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What can I use telnet to do? Answered

Hey guys, what can I use telnet to do?
I've messed around with a few things and I've seen the star wars animation (towel.blinkenlights.nl), but what else can I use it for?



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Best Answer 9 years ago

its an old-school way of getting a text-based screen virtualized to a computer a long way away on super low bandwidth -- It was designed so administrators could remotely access/configure machines over phone lines. It's 2-way, you can type in it and the resultant commands will be interpreted on the other end, with results sent back to you.

Imagine a time when remote desktop (graphical) was simply too bandwidth intensive...when a computer working with video 'at all' was a miracle...that's when it was mostly useful.

Nowadays it offers a lightweight way to get into servers from portable devices.

Alternately - it can allow one server to connect and share information with another server, albeit slowly.


9 years ago

If you don't know of anything else then that is probably all that you'd actually be interested in.