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What can i do with 7.4V Lipo batteries? Answered

I have 4 2000mah 7.4V lipo batteries just laying around from my cheapo drone.
So i decided to do something with them, maybe make a flashlight or something, but i cant find any electronics to use with them besides RC motors.



2 years ago

You canbuilt a Power bankout of it


2 years ago

There are enough options and with a bit of smart thinking the same amount of options available to (mis)use your batteries.
Example one: step down converter.
Use one to get a lower voltage than what a single or series combination of batteries would supply.
Good to get 5V out of one or 12V out of two batteries in series with enough juice to spare.
Example two: Create multi-battery flashlight with high power.
Basically same approach as for the first with a stepdown converter or a LED driver that allows for the 7.2V input.
But you add all 4 batteries to the case and make the switchable.
This way you can get extra long run time when you need it or add a USB port for charging your phone while out and about.


2 years ago

Any thing that requires 7.4 v DC.

What you have is 2 single Lipo cells in series. I would recommend separating them though.

Make a flash light with an LED.