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What can (should) I do with this turbine and fan motors? Answered

I have this industrial turbines and fan motors. They are 3 phase (I have 3 phase), 3/4hp and 1,5 hp respectively. Do you have any ideas? Thanks! I'm new to the forum, I'm from Argentina and work doing industrial installations. Love metal and woodworking.


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2 years ago

Wow haha, great idea! maybe ill try it! I have these ones for free, and they are 3-phase. Definetley will use them for some fun experiments

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

It might be fun to try to make one of those motors work as a generator.

I am guessing those motors are 3-phase, induction motors, and that kind of motor is NOT the best, or easiest, motor to use as a generator, but because you have so many of them, like for free I guess, it might be worthwhile as an experiment.


I have never tried this, but rumor has it, some funny magic is required, like connecting one of the windings to a large capacitor, for to supply it with reactive power.


I don't know if you get strong wind where you live, but if you live in a place where it is windy, the wind might be strong enough to turn those fans, the ones with the 5-blade propellers.

Maybe the other ones, that look like hamster exercise wheels, would move too, if the wind was strong enough.

If these blades can be moved by wind, they might make for some pretty kinetic sculpture,


Also, as windmills perhaps?


Although, I am not sure how much useful work these could do. It might be more decorative than useful, but that's the way art is sometimes.