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What can you make from old desktop (without harddisk) Answered

Hi I have so many desktops that are no longer used. 
Hard drives are removed and these machines are just laying in our storage.

What can I create using the parts found inside the machines?
Any creative ideas?

Thank you



2 years ago

Get some hard drives.
Use the drives to check if the computers are still fully working - only keep the ones that do.
As the hardware is the same I suggest to install a standard Windows XP system onto one drive and then just use the same drive to test all.
If you get enough that work get a pack of floppy disks as well.
Clean all properly, then put into dry and dust free storage.
Wait a few more years then auction them off as antiques in good working order - good for movies or TV shows that need authentic stuff ;)
Of course you still need to find some working analog monitors to go with it ;)
Otherwise burn a lot CD's and create a Linux cluster with them....


2 years ago

For your information, these old models