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What connection port is this and how could I make my own? Answered

I've got a Sony MHC-EC909ip and was wondering what kind of stereo connection ports these could be. If there custom made by sony, how could I potentially make my own connection? Thanks! (the cable shown is not mine, It's an exact replica of what the cable connector looked like.)

Edit: I might have actually found my solution to fix this. Getting a JST RCY Connector - Male/Female Set (2-pin). 

Just need to make it snap into place now.



Best Answer 3 years ago

Definitely Not a Jst, Don't buy one !

I've always found companies use these non standard connectors so you are forced to use certain speakers ( that of course that same company is willing to sell to you ! )

I'd talk to this Ebay seller,


The 4th screen shot looks like the one you need :) He might be able to tell you what type you need and probably sell it to you too !

*Btw make sure the speaker you use has the same Impedance (Ohm-Rating) and avoid adding more wire then the speaker origanally had. I recently installed a fancy new Sony system and had some problems, I found that running the cables through the walls needed a Ton of extra wiring and I think it changed the Impedance enough that it started to overload the system at higher levels !

Good luck !

Jack A Lopez

3 years ago

Funny shaped connectors are an annoyance.

Sure, you can search the four corners of the Earth looking for the Cinderella connectors made especially to fit your thing.

Or you could just replace that nonsense with some connectors made for connecting to bare wires, like for example, a block of screw terminals.


For this approach, it helps to make a label, like on a sticker or piece of paper held in place with transparent tape, for to note which screws are for which speakers, and also polarity, and also to note the impedance of the speakers this amplifier is expecting.

Wired_MistJack A Lopez

Answer 3 years ago

"Funny shaped connectors are an annoyance," XD


Jack's solution is a Good Back up !
If you can't find the connectors. and you feel comfortable opening the case up, then you can replace them with screw terminals or any other conectors you wish!