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What do I build with my old car? Answered

I have a 1998 Ford Taurus. It works other than needing a water pump. I wanted to use the car to make a dune buggy or just take out the engine and make something. Any ideas?




8 years ago

you can make a 15-30kw power generator depending on you engine horsepower. just buy the generator. they are pretty cheap in ebay auctions.
a $1000 prject will be fine to do.

or of course convert it to an rc car i've seen countless people doing this with their old cars. all other details u want google is there for u,

or you can try making a chainsaw with ur engine. watched the video on youtube,

another great idea will be making a play area with it for your kids if you have
off course no wheels,

use ur seats in your living, it is so comfortable add a vibrating motor and you are all set to have a massaging sofa


8 years ago

How much of the bodywork can be removed before the structural strength is compromised?

If you can strip it to a flat chassis, you can make anything with it.