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What do I use to fix Bouncy pogo kids ball. Answered

Karroo Kids were given bouncy pogo balls that they sit on with handles. On which they bounced endlessly. Both now have 1 puncture each (oddly enough, not underneath). Patching with motorcycle/car patches was a bust and did not adhere. I assume the balls are made of vinyl. Unfortunately I am more than familiar with fixing (to the sound of tears) a favourite R5 cheap Chinese import toy with an R80 tube of specialized glue. (while the expensive "cool" toy go ignored! )! Any suggestions?


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11 years ago

If you are near a camping store you might find a vinyl patching kit to patch air matresses. Or where ever they sell blow up pools for kids they might have it since most pools I've seen are vinyl. Good luck. Most kids prefer the box the toy cam in rather than the toy.