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What do RGB LED Signal Amps consist of? Answered

Im sure this is a little bit of a noob question, but i was wondering what rgb amps are made of, and if it were possible to make one for cheaper than the ones that you can buy? the amps that i am speaking of are like this i dont really know what kind of response ill get from this, but any information on any thing or any better amps would be wonderful!



9 years ago

the amps like that are made up of the following

the input leads are connected to a diode and resistor then an opto-coupler on the output side of the opto-coupler there is a transistor that feeds a mofset the input and output are isolated by the opto-coupler. the new power is fed into the output side and goes threw the mofsets to the output pins
the above circuits are repeated 3 times (one for each RGB channel)

you cold build one less complicated but the parts could cost about $15 and you can buy them pre made and packaged for $25 so i don't know that it would be worth it


9 years ago

I believe they're devices which can be plugged into the output of an RGB LED controller in order to power another string of lights. Theoretically, that's just a set of unity amplifiers with high input impedence and output drivers which can provide enough current to run a sufficient number of LEDs to be interesting.


Answer 9 years ago

I'm presuming you've already looked at the Instructables in the "Related" column at right; there are several RGB LED projects listed there.