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What do i do with my spent coal? Answered

So i like to smith in my free time, even though im still pretty bad at it. after i am finished smithing i leave my coals burning until the heat dies out. what do i do with the spent coal?



3 years ago

I prefer to use water on them as it reduces the amount of wasted coal.
Takes only a few days to dry and is still more than good enough to get the next round going - start to burn easier too.
The ash runs out with the water into a bucket that I empty into a larger, flat container where the water evaporates.
Leaves slurry tha becomes dry and almost rock hard when fully dry and uses less than 50% of the volume compared to dry collected ash.
If I don't have too much I use very little amounts on some of my garden beds (if wood based coal) otherwise I mix it into concrete as Josehf already pointed or or dispose it in bags into the rubbis or council waste collection for chemicals if a lot of crap contaminated it.

You can also use plaster or concrete as a binder for the ash to make flower pots or bricks if you do a lot of work and use big amounts of coal.
But don't use these oil rich coals for it as the brown stuff can wash out of the concrete and leave very ugly shadows on the surface.

Josehf Murchison

3 years ago

Concrete or grout is about the only uses for coal ash.

Need a patio or walkway stones.