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What do to keep from being nervous all the time? Answered


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11 years ago

This is not really a question that can be answered very well over the internet.

You may have more problems than you can handle by yourself.
You may have a physycological disorder.
You may have a chemical impalance.
You may be depressed and be misdiagnosing it as nervousness.
You may have a nervous gene.  I got mine from my mother.
You may be immature and might grow out of it.
You may be too sensitive for the real world.

And these are just a few of the things that might cause you to be nervous all the time.

So you should get a real check up and the the doctor doesn't find anything, a few sessions with a counselor would be really good for you.  You might find out that you are not really nervous all the time but actually nervous the normal amount of the time.