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What do you all do for a living? Answered

Hi guys,

I'm Anna, a college sophomore and I've always loved crafting. I could get into almost anything, sewing, ceramics, woodworking, drawing, 3-d art, cooking, etc. Anything where I get to use my hands.
I come from a family that isn't that well off and have always thought that art and crafts would come second in my life, something that I'd do during my pass time. And maybe after I retire and have saved up enough money, I could open a craft store or a coffee shop filled with books and crafts - some combination of all the things I love.

I'm a psychology and neuroscience major and plan to probably get a PhD and work at a hospital or at a research university. I love people. I think we're capable of so much.. I might just become a counselor - I don't know.
This has been my plan for a while but sometimes - or most of the time- all I find myself is dreaming about making things. I'm just so afraid that it isn't something that I can depend on. I'm not guaranteed safety and stability.
So I'm wondering,

What are you guys doing with your life right now?
Have you had a similar dilemma?
Do you do arts and crafts just whenever you have free time? Do you do it for a living?

Thanks guys!
Happy Holidays!



6 years ago

Well Hello Anna..
And a big wave from eastern Maine.
What do I do... wow... lotsa stuff.. Here we go.
Raising bulls for meat, Llamas for wool, gardens for eats, & trees for heat.
Play music on weekends to make a few bucks, to by some grain for chickens & ducks.
I interior paint & drive a few nails, plow driveways and walks of snow sleet & hail.
Mow lawns in the summer, cut wood in the fall & help older folks that can't do it all.
A sailor, a veteran & merchantman too, I've been overseas more times than a few.
I do some woodworking, build tables & chairs. For xmas & friends and for craft fairs.
I teach map & compass, ham radio too. I hike, fish & hunt and love my canoe.
So there you have it, my sweet Anna dear..
I wish you the best... And a Happy New Year..


6 years ago

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6 years ago

I finally got hired here at Instructables a couple years ago, but before that I worked in a used bookstore for seven years. I did instructables on the weekends and sometimes even took vacations to finish a project.

It could be so so so hard to get motivated to craft after I got home from work there. I have a couple online stores where I sell embroideries, though, and that keeps me crafting whether I want to or not! :P

I would like to make things all day long everyday, too. It's definitely possible. But I feel that you have to make the right kind of things (jewelry, clothing, bath & body stuff, cards, etc) and build a big following. I've been selling online for almost 2 1/2 years, and I'm just now getting some traction. I started blogging, too, and am starting to see some good traffic there too! Just takes a while.

I think if you want it you should go for it! Start blogging and posting Instructables in your free time. Practice your craft and take lots of photos and promote yourself well. You never know if it'll work until you try. :D


6 years ago

Hi Anna! Welcome to the community.
I am a Civil Engineer working as a Resident-Construction Engineer building roads and bridge projects.
I have always dreamed of crocheting for a living. Unfortunately, the reality for me is that I've come to realize that I can't make crocheting projects fast enough or charge enough to make the salary I make now.... Although I sometimes give a loud sigh about this, I am also grateful for my now very enjoyable past time, where I can make beautiful crocheted things and give them away because I can afford to. For me, it's all about doing arts and crafts in my free time, and especially enjoying them with my kiddos and doing things for my children.
Thanks for asking! It's good getting to know you and everyone who responds! =)


6 years ago

Right now, I teach Science on "supply" (short contracts to cover the absence of other staff), but I'm also qualified to teach "Resistant Materials" (wood, metal, plastics).

I do instructables in my spare time, but I'm trying to work out a way of turning it into an actual job, possibly running enrichment activities in schools, or workshops for interested groups although I'm currently having trouble with step 1; persuading Kitewife it's a good idea...