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What do you call those cool beds that fold up into the wall? And is there an instructable on how to make one? Answered

I would really like to have one in my room.



Best Answer 10 years ago

They're called aMurphy bed, I couldn't find anything when I searched instructables.

A quick search on Google uncovered these guys who advertise you can " build your own, using your current mattress, a handful of pieces from IKEA and some hardware ", of course the instructions cost a little money also.

Since there's a few neat bed posted on this site already, if you plan on building one I know of a community of people who would be interested to see how it's done!


9 years ago

Recommend checking out website for create-a-bed in Louisville, KY. They sell the hardware and plans for making a murphy bed. I've made one of their beds and am impressed. Plan on doing about 3 more for guest rooms in my home. Cost for plans and hardware - about $300 - but worth it.


10 years ago

Yes, a murphy bed.Ah, no... I think that they need to be secure or something.


Answer 10 years ago

I've lived in several apartments with Murphy beds and yes they really need to be secured to something...securely. In every case they were attached to structural members in the wall. Between the weight of the bed and the counterweight they weighed many hundreds of pounds and would shake the whole room when put up or down carelessly. They all had closets behind them since they take up a good 36 inches or more inside the wall.

I also lived in a few places where Murphy beds had been removed* and the gaping hole in the wall was replaced with a full walk-in closet. So if you have a walk-in closet you might be able to do a conversion. Without one I believe you'd have to put a giant hole in the wall.

If cutting a mattress-sized hole in the wall isn't a possibility you might look into a rollaway bed or a folding bed that can be folded up and rolled out of sight when not in use.

*Murphy beds are are apparently pretty standard in old San Francisco buildings.


10 years ago

The folks who sell the counterweighted/spring-loaded hardware to build murphy beds generaly include woodworking plans to construct the rest.


10 years ago

Murphy bed. Type that into the I'bles search box to see if there's an I'ble to make one. Type it into either the Google or Wikipedia search box to learn more about them generally.