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What do you think about puzzle boxes Answered

What are your thoughts about puzzle boxes?
Do you like them, what do you think is important in one, the looks, the mechanism, the amount of moves, innovative tricks and moves, the type of wood, the size, etc.
What are your general thoughts about them, what do know about the inside of them (how there build, etc)???

What is a puzzle box
A puzzle box is a box that requires certain moves/tricks to open it, you could say it's somewhat like a safe. Normally these moves a very hard to see and even harder to know. These things are like the improved version of a secret compartment. In my opinion a puzzle box should at least have 8 moves. Some puzzle boxes have secret compartments.
I think Puzzle boxes a awesome and I prefer High number moves boxes with innovative tricks.
That's why I'm making a guide about making them click here to see my guide.

But Now I wanna know what you think about, so please tell me everything


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