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What does closing account mean? Answered

My wife has an instructables account. Somehow She doesn't want people to access her instructables anymore.
Does closing account accomplish that?
How soon does closing account take effect?
What happens to Instructables entered and won past contest? Will they still be available for downloading?
What happens to pro membership gifts not redeemed yet?
What happens to pro membership gifts redeemed but not used yet?



Best Answer 4 years ago


You have some options.

If she wanted, we could delete her account. This would simply remove everything associated with her account (instructables, extra pro memberships, and so on). If she wanted this done, it can be done by emailing service@instructables.com, and asking (just mention your username--we verify email address against the account, and then delete as requested, which takes effect immediately).

If that's not exactly what is desired, she could have her instructables marked as private, which means they will no longer be searchable on the site, but can still be accessible via direct link (say, by sharing it directly with friends or family). But for everyone else, it's as if the instructables no longer exist.

If you have further questions, you can PM me directly and I'll help you out, or email our customer service at the email noted above. Best,

Sam, aka seamster

- Your friendly neighborhood Instructables staff


4 years ago

As far as pro memberships, those codes are transferable. So they could be passed on to you or anyone else who you might like to gift. I suppose you could even put them up for sale on E bay.


Answer 4 years ago

Really. She tried to give away, a few people took a few. She still have a lot. Seems people just don't know to get them for free.