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What does the Huawei trade ban mean for us? Answered

You might have got in the news ages ago but for those in other countires:
The company Huawei together with some of the subdivided companies got involved in the trade war between China and the US.
In terms of consequenses for the users we certainly will see that there won't be any new devices getting on the local markets until this disaster got resolved.
For existing users or those buying stocked items from before the ban took place the future might be not as good as previously thought.
Firmware updates might not be allowed anymore, meaning if Huawei has a usable update for another region that could work it is a manual process that might render the device into a brick.
Google already stopped Playstore support for many devices and there won't be any Google licinsed new devies anymore either if they get their will.
Gives regional selling a whole new meaning and finally allows the full use of firmware checks and more to keep devices with addded but unlicensed Google services fully out.

How did it come to the ban?
The claim is that Huawei can already be used by the Chinese government to spy on users or might be to in the future.
What gave it a feed for the press was the phones, the ban however is more aimed on backbone infrastructure.
Collateral damage so to say.
A bit like taking someone without any proof of wrongdoing and to lock him away.
Oh, wait that is already a common thing...
The funny thing is the same that Huawei now uses in a court claim against the US:
Every hardware used for the internet in any way can have security issues.
Otherwise we would not need firmware updates to fix security issues.
What's the big deal then? Well, that is exactly the point Huawei is trying to make in court now.
The problem behind the band and now issues worldwide is however realted to something we might not really consider at a first glance: The new 5G network for our mobile phones and other mobile devices.
Once some "hackers" exposed and excessive list of security flaws in the 5G network two things became evident way too quickly:
A) The same agencies that signed up on the security of the network got exposed for already impementing them into their surveillance systems.
B) The securtiy flaws are so severe that anyone with access to the backbone infrastructure could basically check whatever happens on any part of the network, down to the user level and possible device control through remote services.
The first is not a deal breaker as the agencies got exposed for abusing the rights of people since they exist.
The second means it is no big deal to create patches for the flaws that can be implemented through firmware updates.
And that is exactly the concerns of those spying on us (legally they claim).
To implement the fixes you need to provide the information on the flaws and the exact way to fix them - which means you provide the information required to get acess like before even with the updates rolled out.
Huawei provides everything from end user devices (phones and such), over routers and modems to the hardware required by your ISP or those in charge of the worldwide backbone infrastructure.
With the ban it is now possible to get the 5G network happening with "Made in the USA" hardware only.
Or, of course hardware from "trusted" companies outside the US.
Brings nice and decent boost for the local harware manufactures while hiding the fact that the 5G network in the current form is more like a Swiss chesse - fully holes in terms of security.
There are now claims however that say those agencies that signed up on the security "overlooked" the security flaws with the intention of having a future option against China in the trade war.
Too bad the security flaws were not kep secret by those "hacker" paid to confirm the safety, instead they made an almost public event to present them.
Otherwise the whole thing would have gone totally unnoticed by the world.
And if such a move ever showed one thing than it is loyalty and only those countries with strong ties to the US jumped onto the ban while other either say they don't see concerns or simply wait until the concerns are proven to be real before replacing all the expensive gear with US products.

If you followed the trade war a bit you realised it already thing with global consequences.
Entire supply chains struggle or collapse already.
Jobs are lost, economies suffer.
And what was already a problem for countries outside Chinese and USA territories is now affecting the big guys as well.
The world depends on fair trade.
This fair bit is now devided by two countries deciding on what the rest of the world has to pay.
What started with the refusal to take our rubbish was played out like a fight between two rival sibling below school age.
Things are said and tossed around with no care about what happens as a result.
Only problem is the toys are not stying in a kids room, the toys are things in other countries.
The scratches are not a kids skin, they are in the hip pockets of everyone.
Except for a few things both countries could do fine without each other that is what trading is for.
But both countries want full control about everything with no care about how this affects other countries and people in the world.
Prices are going up for everything as result.

Will there be a winner, will there be an end, how might it end?
There is only one winner and this winner is already clear, or make that two: Big companies and banks.
Only those with a supply chain affected by the trade war will struggle to compensate and adjust to the changes.
We just pay a higher price and have to accept it.
Unless both sides give in and act like adults instead of toddlers the only possible end is once one side has fully control again.
The most likely end would be a great devide between the US and China and a s result China getting an even stronger focus on being better than the rest of the world without involving it.
Trillions of Dollars are wasted every year just because those two have to make copies of everything the other onew does wihtout ever really working together to more than half the costs.
Not mention the money saved on no longer needing to spy on each other.
Just take the moon, the USA needs to get back up there fast, China has fixed plans and India is not far behind either.
Russia is stitting back and doing a bit here and there for everyone to be included without wasting too much money.
If you check the territories in Antartica you will notice there is not that much Chinese presence.
That bit of our world is appearntly only for peaceful exploration, despite the ever present military.
Now what about the moon again ?

China already managed several times to sent probes not only to the moon but also onto the moon - without any of it being detected by the US.
Only once China presented images and videos it becae evident that their space program is much further ahead than previously thought.
Pretending to only help the poor civilians aorund the south pole is a thing you might get away with.
Not so much however when it comes to territories on the moon.
If you can estabilsh a scientific base on the moon or estabilsh moning operations than how hard would it be to do the same with a military installation?
And from up there even throwing rocks down to earth would do enough damage if the rocks are big enough...
Nw, if you can't trsut a a space travelling country here on earth: How can you trust them to behave on the moon where really no one can go have a quick check on things?
It is not like anyone would go for a quick drive to next outpost if it means risking your life every meter of the way.
The consequences of this useless trade war are not only globally but start to affect the lifes everyone in the modern world.
And did anyone ever consider that the atmospheric distortions are a problem for a telescope when watching the moon but not so much the other way around?
Using the same digital telescope a pixel on the moon circles about 50 meters.
Thanks to the long distance from out atmosphere to the moon.
On the other hand the same pixel on earth, if watched from the moon, would only move around a few cm at the worst of times!


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