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What gauge is best for a Dynamo generator and can it work with a magnet from a hard drive? Answered

i am try to make a dynamo generator and i am new to this. I dont know what gauge of the coil to get if it will work on a hard drive magnets



Best Answer 8 years ago

.  It depends.
.  The main variable is how much current you will be generating. You can find amperage tables on the Web.
.  As steveastrouk pointed out, there may be some tradeoffs between wire size and how many turns you can physically fit. Insulation choice can be critical - varnish is often the best bet for magnetic coils of any type.


8 years ago

Gauge affects how much current you can draw, and how many turns you can get on your alternator. Turns affects the voltage. Get as many turns as you can to achieve the desired output volts, then change the gauge. Put a test winding of say 30 turns on it, measure the output voltage at a fixed speed, calcualte the volts per turn.